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Why sell With us is better choice for You ?

As we have simplified our registration terms and conditions you can read below within 2 minute……

1 – As We are growing E-commerce operator so we have fixed 2% commison when customer purchase products from your store or shop,

2 – our main aim is to be give indian users user friendly smooth supported E-commerce handling of our site,

3 – as our E-commerce site created for users who are currently searching for jobs / already owned a shop or want to start carrier with e-commerce selling,

4 – we are mostly welcoming housewives to sell with us as this will help them to start there shop with self handling,

5 – our WhatsApp support team is available 24 hours to instant reply for any help,

our smart payment method will help you to purchase and sell quick as we pay to you within 2 days after delivery of material,

6 – Every indian person have the dream to get rich, so we have specially developed this site for middle class of family persons who can even handle his store from own home,

7 – the thing is to do you have to register for GSTnumber,

8 – oops you don’t have gst number, nothing to worried about it if you selling goods gst excempted like – book,rakhi,pooa materials,

9 – our inbuilt profit calculator will help you how you can calculate your profit percentage,

10 – pay only when product sell to someone,

11 – you can start your own store from home as we will fully support to you if you are new to this business,

12 – ifyou don’t know how to listen products in our site we will provide the same with video link directly in your email address,

13 – do not sell product that required special licence like drugs, alcohols, etc,

14 – our auto system site will show your product if you regulary update your product

15- simple user experience o your E-commerce store will be ready within 1 hour after registration,

16 – you can request your payment inbuilt payment request system even you sell single product,

17 – every payment will done via RTGS/ NEFT and email will be send to you,

18 – never sell hazaords goods as its will ban your site although we will pay you full pending amount,


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